Klaisler Mfg. Corp. was my family's business; producing one of the first finish rollers ever used to roll steel connector plates into a truss. For decades, Klaisler filled a niche market, customizing equipment for many truss plants throughout the world. The global financial crisis was devastating to Klaisler Mfg. Corp, like many of our friends in the building components industry. In 2008, our family permanently closed Klaisler Mfg. Corp.

In 2009, I continued to receive countless phone calls and emails requesting assistance for Klaisler equipment. This lead to the decision to start Square 1 Design & Manufacture Inc., where we continue the tradition of specializing in custom equipment for the building components industry. We continually strive to improve our products and service, maintaining the values entrenched into me by my grandfather. Square 1 Design & Manufacture Inc. has the complete list of Klaisler Mfg. Corp. parts, manuals and equipment. We invite you to visit our new website complete with Klaisler parts, manuals and electrical schematics.

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