Square 1 Design's unique Roof Truss System has numerous advantages over the competition. Its design reduces installation time as well as relocation times. Fewer table junctions reduce misalignment between the tables. Fully capable of accepting each brand of automated jigging including the SPIDA PROFILE AUTOMATED JIGGING adds to its appeal.

The side eject Sloping or horizontal ejectors 1 ½" slot eliminates the needs for bridge plates. While the end eject ejectors contribute to smaller machine footprints.

The 6" diameter inside conveyor ensures trusses do not get stuck down the line.

Unmatched, our Roof Truss Gantry is capable of dual controls with high speed or high torque at the push of a button and up to 20 horsepower guaranteeing no plate stalls this machine!

Unique and custom solutions are both welcome and encouraged by our customers. We make every effort to meet your needs and turn your desires into reality.

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