SPIDA machinery is known for its engineering reliability and accuracy. That’s because they have been designing and building clever high-tech machinery for the frame and truss industry since 1978.

Through product innovation and development they continue to build quality machinery that best meets the customers’ needs. Invariably, Spida clients experience increased productivity and lower manufacturing costs after installing Spida machinery.

Manufactured in Tauranga, New Zealand, SPIDA machinery is designed to be used worldwide. With customers across the United States, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

With more than 400 Computerized SPIDA saws and over a thousand manual saws around the world, SPIDA is the brand to own.

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Square 1 Design & Manufacture Inc. is proud to be the exclusive importer and stocking distributor for all Spida Machinery Equipment & Authentic Parts for North America.